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The Aztec Empire

Engineering An Empire con't

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1) What was the land that the Aztecs were banished to?
2) Aqueducts, palaces, pyramids, and temples stood as a tribute to whom? and a testement to whom?
3) What happened to the teenage girl that left her native tribe and wanted to join the Aztecs?
4) Most sacrifices happened on what type of structure? How did the sacrifice occur?


5) For what reascon did the sacrifce take place?

6) Tenochtitlan was belived to be                and                 .

7) How did the aztecs built buildings? How did they get to the main city?

Movie 3
1) What are Chinampas, how were they built, and how were they connected?
2) What did Ahuitozotl do?
3) When the disk was found, who was on it and how did it die?
3) To Romans the most precious thing was gold and to the Egyptians it was after-life. What was the most precious thing to the Aztecs?

Movie 2
1) Who helped the Aztects to defeat the Tepenecks?
2) How did the war between the Aztecs and the Tepenecks start?
3) Why were their two aqueducts?
4) What happened in Europe while the Aztecs were bathing themselves?
5) What did Moctezuma I do?
6) What did he do when the empire was being attacked by floods?
7) What was the Aztecs's skill inwhich they dominated?

Here are the answers SHHHHHH don't tell anyone

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