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The Aztec Empire

Answer To Questions

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Answers to Movie 1 Questions
1) Lake Texcoco
2) They structures stood as a tribute to the gods and a testement to the power of human kind.
3) Five Aztec noble men lead her to an ancient temple for a "ceremony". But, instead, they sacrifice her to the gods by stabbing her in the chest and pulling her heart out. The King is outraged by this and attacks the Aztecs, but Aztecs get away.
4) Most sacrifices would be performed on stone pyramids. They would use a knife, cut into chest, and pull out the still beating heart.
5) The reason for this was that they thought that the sun would seize to rise and the universe would die.
6) Home of the gods and rise of the Sun.
7) The Aztecs used pillings, which were hammered deep into the ground, to hold up the builds. They used volcanic stones to add strength. They also used causeways to help people get to the main city. 

Answers To Movie 3 Questions
1) Chinampas allowed the Aztecs new land to farm and live on. They were built on water, with the help of sticks, and mud. These Chinampas where connected with massive navigational cannals.
2) Ahuitzotl opened transport routes to costal areas where the Aztecs got their luxuries.
3) The disk showed the moon goddess. She was killed by her brother becasue she was pregnant. He sliced her throat and kiked her down the steps of a pyramid.
4) The Aztecs thought that they had to give the gods the most precious thing they had which was human blood.

Answers to Movie 2 Questions
1) The Texcoco helped defeat the Tepenecks.
2) The Aztecs commanded the Tepenecks to gvie them fresh water and help built their empire. The Tepenecks refused by sending assassins.
3) There wer two aqueducts because the Aztecs wanted to receive fresh water. In order for this to take place had to clean the aqueducts without disturbing the water flow. As a result they would clean one aqueduct while the other own was still working.
4) The plague was in Europe.
5) He extended the borders of the empire.
6) He created a safe zone around the city called the dike. He made a wooden door that let him control the water level. This also protected his water supply.
7) They dominated with their military skill.

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