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The Aztec Empire

Aztec Achievements

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By Victoria Holcomb

Even though the Aztecs were not as advanced technology wise as other civilizations around the world, they introduced new technology that was very useful in everyday life.

Because the resources were limited, the Aztecs used obsidian, jade ,quartz, chert, stone and copper to make tools and weapons. The following are Aztec achievments:

  • An advanced calendar system- This calendar was used for agricultural purposes as well as religous purposes.
  • Pictographs- Pictographs were the number system that was used to record history and land records.
  • Jewelry and realistic figures of animals and people.
  • Medicine-The Aztec doctors used herbal treatment to relieve or cure certian diseases. The doctors suggested ways to ease earaches, broken legs, colds, ect.
  • A huge empire filled with millions of people.

The Aztec calendar

A drawing of the use of medicine

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