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The Aztec Empire

Everyday life in the Aztec Empire

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BY: Anissa T.


The majority of art made by the aztecs was in honor of their gods. These sculptures they made were placed in temples or in buildings. They did this to please the many gods they worshipped.
The Aztecs believed  that education was necessary for everyone,  boys and girls. Families began to  teach children starting at birth with the men teaching the boys and the woman teaching the girls. Afterwards the children were either sent to Tepochcalli or Calmecac, according to their social rank. Tepochcalli was the school for the common families children. On the otherhand, children of the nobles were sent to Calmecac where they were trained to become powerful military leaders. Back then, women would usually marry at age 16.
Because of The Valley of Mexico's desirable climate, farming was very important in the Aztec's daily life. Methods they used included the borrowed idea from the Olmecs, slash-and-burn farming, terrace farming and the use of plotter Chinampas. All of these different methods helped to produce an abundance of their major crops including corn, chilli peppers squash tomatoes and beans.


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